Apostolic and Other Groups

There are a wide range of groups, societies and teams that operate within the Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry, including some that are part of other larger national and international associations. The Parish prides itself on being able to offer a range of possible avenues for continuing to grow in the spiritual life, be of service to the wider Church and community, and be part of the evangelising mission of the Christian community.

For further information or to discuss volunteer opportunities please contact the Parish Office via the Contact Us page.

Baptism Preparation

Prior to celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism with your child, parents are invited to attend a Baptism Preparation Meeting. These meetings are scheduled monthly in the Parish meeting room and bookings are essential. More information on celebrating the Rite of Baptism for Children can be found on the Baptism page.

Baptism Preparation Coordinators:

  • Anne Moloney
  • Kris Koch
  • Owen Carroll

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Christian Meditation Group

The Forster Tuncurry Christian Meditation Group meets on Tuesday mornings at 9.30am in the Holy Name Church.

The Hallidays Point Christian Meditation Group meets on Wednesday mornings at 10am in the Craft Room at Hallidays Shores Retirement Village. 90 High St Hallidays Point.

A very old definition of prayer is “the raising of the heart and mind to God”. We all know what raising the mind is – simply talking to (or at) God – asking Him for what we need or want. In Christian meditation, we raise our hearts to God. We join into God, simply rest in Him. Dom John Main says that in meditation we don’t just pray – we are prayer itself.

Christian meditation goes back to apostolic times but is now becoming more popular world wide through the World community of Christian Meditation and is widely practiced in most countries throughout the world.

Christian Meditation Coordinators:

  • Greg Byrne- Forster Church
  • John O’Donnell- Hallidays Point

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Communion to the Sick & Housebound

Some members of the worshiping community are unable to join us in our celebration of the Sunday Eucharist due to illness or disability. In order to maintain their connection with the Church community, Communion is taken from our Eucharistic celebrations to these people and distributed to them via a simple ceremony of prayer and Gospel reading.

This ministry is important, not just because of strengthening the Church by bringing the Lord to them, but also by uniting them to the worshipping community by their “receiving from the one bread.”

A vital part of this ministry is the visitation of the sick and housebound, many of whom live alone and whose families live far away.

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Count Teams

Each week the Mass collections must be counted and prepared for banking. Six teams of nimble-fingered counters accomplish this task on a rotational basis each week, coordinated by Ted Doherty.

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Cursillo is a movement from the Church that focuses on helping each person to discover themselves, their relationship with Christ and with others. Cursillo, a short course on the Catholic concept of Christian living which operates in three stages, Precursillo, Cursillo Three Day Weekend and Postcursillo. The three day live-in experience focuses on a series of talks, each followed by discussion. The aim of the Cursillo weekend is to provide opportunity for men and women, both lay and religious, to reflect on what is fundamental in Christian living. A short retreat prepares participants for intensive study about living a life of grace and spreading it in one’s own environment. Heightened awareness, resulting from the weekend, is nurtured in the Postcursillo where the people are supported by regular fellowship in small groups.

Cursillo is active in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle and Cursillo weekends are usually held once a year. Other opportunities exist for people to find out more about the Cursillo experience by attending a Reflection Day, a day for shared prayer, talks and discussion and the celebration of Mass together. Maintaining friendships are a big part of Cursillo, so as well as supporting each other in our faith there will time for shared meals and social interaction.

Monthly gatherings for all Cursillistas are held on the last Friday of the month at 7:30pm. The venue used most regularly is a meeting room at the back of Sacred Heart Cathedral at Hamilton. At times these gatherings are held in other parts of the Diocese, including Forster, Raymond Terrace, East Maitland and Kotara.

Cursillo Coordinator:

  • Anne Moloney

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Friendship Group

Initially the Friendship Group was formed for those single people who had lost a partner or those who never married, aged 50 and over to create an opportunity to meet over a meal. The group has been sharing enjoyable lunches and meals for 17 years. Over the years the group has embraced couples who wished to join as well as friends from other faith communities.

At present the group meets every three weeks, always on Tuesdays. Lunches are enjoyed in the beautiful Great Lakes area as well as neighbouring towns. Members car pool for venues out of town and they also arrange pick-ups for those who are unable to drive.

Over the years there has been many bus trips to various destinations, cruises on the Manning and Hastings Rivers, the lake system around Forster, Tuncurry and the Wallamba River. ‘Special’ celebrations are also celebrated for the Group’s birthday as well as Christmas. Birthday cards are also sent to members.

The Group offers friendship to all those wishing to join. New members are most welcome.

Family and Friends Group Coordinator:

  • Carol & Terry Pearson

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Funeral Ministry

The Funeral Ministry Team was formed to assist the Parish Priest in meeting with the family members of the deceased to discuss and prepare the Funeral Rites. Our Funeral Ministry members are empathetic people who are sensitive to the grief a family experiences after the loss of a family member. Meeting with a compassionate team to work through the details of the Funeral Mass or Service can be a comforting experience for the family during a difficult time. Funeral Ministry members might also conduct funeral services in the absence of the priest when approved.

  • Greg Byrne
  • Barbara Dolahenty
  • Sandy Ross

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Our merry band of Gardeners do a wonderful job of keeping our grounds in pristine condition. Once a month, on the 3rd Monday, they gather to mow and garden and, once complete, to share morning tea together. Extra volunteers are always welcome to assist this team in this most important work of garden maintenance.

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Mini Vinnies

Mini Vinnies is the St Vincent de Paul Conference within Holy Name Primary School. It is made up of children from years 5 and 6 and meets weekly on Mondays during the lunch break.

The meeting opens with prayer and a spiritual reflection. The Conference learns about Frederic Ozanam and his work with the poor and reads about social justice issues, and is always keen to raise funds for distribution to the needy.

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Novena Group

The Novena Group was formed in 1981 by the then Parish Priest, Fr Tony Brady, and has functioned continuously ever since. A Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help is held each Wednesday at 11:15am in the Forster Church, concluding at 12 noon, and is followed by a light luncheon.

The Novena is available to all parishioners and visitors.

Novena Group Coordinator:

  • Shiony Neal

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Promoters of Safeguarding

The Promoters of Safeguarding were appointed in 2019 by the then Parish Priest, Fr Greg Barker. The Promoters of Safeguarding work with the Parish Priest, Parish Secretary and the Office of Safeguarding to achieve compliance with the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards and promote safeguarding within the Catholic community.

Promoters of Safeguarding:

  • Annie Evans
  • Teresa Siminska

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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

RCIA is open to anyone. They come through friends or family, some just knock on the Presbytery door, some have had experience of a Catholic service and have been caught up in the mystery of faith and want to explore more. Few come with the firm intention of becoming a Catholic, they come initially to have a look, and then decide whether or not to stay. They are seeking a personal relationship with Christ, a sense of belonging, of community; a coherence of family life.

It is important that new candidates receive support from the community as part of this preparation time. Meeting members of the Parish begins when they attend weekly meetings with the RCIA team. Enquirers have the chance to ask questions, engage in talks and discussions and be slowly introduced to Parish life. It is essential that they have a sponsor from the Parish to share this new faith experience with. A sponsor is someone who is prayerful, listens well and can share their own faith.

More information on the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults can be found on our Becoming Catholic page.

The team is always ready to organise for the RCIA to run in our Parish but this is more than a team effort – it is a Parish responsibility. Most of all we need a welcoming Parish, alive with faith and on the lookout for people who may seek to join.

The point of contact for RCIA is Anne Moloney.

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Sacramental Preparation Team

Preparation for the Sacraments of Initiations is offered by the Parish for all children, using the family based program developed by the Diocese of Broken Bay. Parents are the first faith educators of their children and most particularly model this through the witness of their lives. Parent involvement in sacramental preparation is crucial in shaping the values and attitudes of each child.

Preparation for each sacrament of initiation involves four after school sessions for candidates and parents who meet in home groups. More information about the Sacramental Preparation program can be found on the Sacramental Preparation page.

Sacramental Team Coordinator:

  • Genevieve Williamson

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The small team of Sacristans help prepare the church for the Sunday and weekday celebrations of Mass. Additionally, they assist in the preparation of the church for the celebrations of funerals in the Parish.

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Secular Franciscans

The Secular Franciscans meet at Mass on the fourth Sunday of the month, followed by a cup of tea. The meeting follows with reflections on the spirituality of the St Francis and St Clare and their lives with their spirituality.

Members do not have set jobs to do but they choose ways to do things with others to reflect Christ and the joy and peace of St Francis. Anyone is welcome to join.

The point of contact for the local Fraternity is Susan Huurdeman.

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Special Religious Education (SRE)

Special Religious Education (SRE) is a vital part of the process of evangelisation to which we all are committed through baptism. Evangelisation is really about communicating the reality of God’s presence in creation, the person of Jesus Christ, in the Church and each individual.

The faith development of children in the local public schools has been a central ministry within the life of the Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry Catholic for over 30 years. Catechists and SRE teachers have always supported parents and caregivers as they educate their children in faith. Faith development of children is vital to the well-being of young individuals as well as the community itself. Communication channels to families are maintained regarding the Sacramental Preparation program and any upcoming Parish events. The Parish continues to support the resourcing of the ministry.

Further information can be found on our Special Religious Education Page

SRE Teachers:

  • Mary Horsburgh
  • Kay Fox
  • Susan Huurdeman
  • Maria Armitage
  • Yvonne Dixon

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St Vincent de Paul Society

The Society is a charitable organisation, whose members make person to person contact with local people who sometimes find themselves in various troublesome situations.

They do this by initially visiting people in their own homes to listen and learn about the problems they face. Sharing the difficulties in this way allows members to place the resources of the Society at their disposal, and working together, attempt to over come them.

Making this combined effort helps those with problems recover the dignity of a self sufficient life, free from poverty.

Because the members of the Society appreciate that Christ identified himself with the poor, “whatever you did to the least of these, my brethren, you did to me”, it also helps to increase the spirituality of both the giver and receiver.

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