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Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry

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Columbarium Meeting tonight at 6pm in Parish Hall.

Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry

Here's some of our happy couples after renewing their wedding vows on Sunday 1st December at the Holy Name Catholic Church.

Renewal of Marriage Vows will be available for our couples on Sunday 1 December 2019 at the 9.00 am Mass in Holy Name Catholic Church. If you would like to renew your vows would you please register you interest by contacting the Parish Office.

Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry

Fr Greg getting comfortable at the Diocesan Synod on Saturday.

Christmas is fast approaching, why not buy your Christmas presents from rural communities facing drought and help support families who are doing it tough. Check out #buyfromthebush for beautiful homemade gifts 🎁

The Anointing Mass will be on again on Wednesday, 20 November at 10.00am. All are welcome, especially those who receive communion at home as we will be celebrating the Anointing of the Sick.

Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry

Ladies and gentlemen in their finest attire watching the big race on the big screen while enjoying a delicious lunch and a glass of champers!

Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry

The Melbourne Cup Luncheon will go ahead as planned! For those of you who haven't purchased tickets yet, Beryl and Robin will be selling tickets at the Masses over the weekend and can also be purchased from the parish office.

The following is a message from Bishop Bill to the community of Forster-Tuncurry:

I share the distress and concern of people across the diocese for all who have been affected by the fires in and around Tuncurry.

My prayers and thoughts are particularly with those whose lives have been disrupted during the emergency.

Of course we are grateful for the efforts of all the firefighters and others who have helped keep people safe.

And the whole Church community, I know, will be anxious to support their neighbours in their time of need, where we can.

signed Bishop Wright.

Anointing Mass: Wednesday, 30 October at 10.00am. Baptistcare residents will be attending. All are welcome especially those who receive communion at home as we will be celebrating the Anointing of the Sick. Mass will be at 10.00am not 9.00am.