Mass Times

Bishop Bill Wright has issued a statement regarding the public celebration of Mass Due to the COVID-19 pandemic: 1. The public celebration of Mass is suspended until further notice. This suspension applies to both Sunday Mass and Weekday Mass, and includes Sunday Celebrations of the Word (with Communion) and weekday Liturgies of the Word (with Communion). 2. All members of the faithful, other than priests, are dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass. Members of the faithful should observe the holiness of Sunday by observing one of the options listed in the Appendix. 3. Priests of the Diocese will continue to celebrate Mass on Sundays using the provisions of the Roman Missal for “Mass With One Minister”, offering it on behalf of those who cannot attend and for the whole nation. 4. While there will not be a public celebration, I or my Vicar General will celebrate Sunday Mass in the Cathedral each week. The Diocese is currently investigating arrangements for livestreaming the Cathedral Mass. Further details to follow when they are available. Read full statement by clicking here

The members of the Catholic Parish of Forster Tuncurry come together to celebrate SUNDAY, the Day of the Lord, as follows:

Saturday Evening 6.00pm
Sunday Morning 7.00am
Celebrate Sunday
Youth and Family Mass

Reconciliation in the Parish is as follows:

Saturday morning 8:30am
Saturday evening 4:45pm

During the week, liturgical celebrations in the Parish are as follows:

Monday No Mass
Tuesday 4.30pm
Wednesday 9.00am
Thursday No Mass
Friday 9:30am
Saturday 9.00am

On those days when Mass is not able to be celebrated, Morning or Evening Prayer (as appropriate) is celebrated at the appointed time.

Please note that special timetables often apply during peak times, such as Easter, Christmas, and January. The weekday timetable is also subject to change. Variations to the above timetables are advertised in the weekly bulletin – Bridgeside Bulletin – which may be accessed here.

If you would like to find the location of our church, please visit the Our Church page.